About Us - Our Story

Indian Society of Cinematographers were inaugurated on the eve of the 100th Birthday of Cinema on 28th December 1985. Eminent cinematographer Subrata Dada, who re-defined the aesthetics of global cinematography lit the lamp on the occasion. ISC is a creative congregation of similar minds to foster the art of cinematography and to struggle for the authorship rights of cinematographers. We are are a creative collaboration, fostering the artistic discoveries of each members and the whole group as one entity.
We at ISC believe that CINEMA will be the prime cultural force in the next millennium, unifying the WORLD. Yes, "CINEMA IS LOVE 24 TIMES PER SECOND". We also want you to be aware of the new philosophy of 'IMAGOLOGY'. It will be IMAGES that which is going to shape our civilization of tomorrow.

Long Live Cinema. Long Live IMAGES.